Expert Witness

Expert witnesses play a fundamental role within the judicial system by providing opinion evidence to assist courts on matters which are outside the knowledge and experience of the court, enabling them to come to well informed decisions.

The work can be very interesting and is an opportunity for professionals to diversify their skillset and take on a new challenge, using their knowledge and experience for an entirely different, but worthwhile purpose. Expert witness work is also very attractive to many due to the flexible nature of the work – you decide how many cases to accept. However, it is essential that expert witnesses possess the skills and knowledge to enable them to carry out their work effectively and comply with their duties, responsibilities and the law and procedure that governs their work. To do otherwise leaves both the expert exposed to tremendous risk and can adversely effect any case in which they are involved. As with any professional service being offered, training is therefore essential.

For further information on becoming an expert witness, including when it is appropriate to become one and how to find work, please watch the video below that has been presented by Nick Deal, Barrister and Expert Witness Trainer.

Guidance for Medical and Healthcare Expert Witnesses

The Academy of Medical Royal Colleges published Acting as an expert or professional witness – Guidance for healthcare professionals. This guidance has been endorsed by the majority of healthcare professional organisations in the UK and sets out the standards and conduct expected of all healthcare professionals acting as expert witnesses in the UK. It also clearly states that “Healthcare professionals who act as expert witnesses should undertake specific training for being an expert witness and the expectations and responsibilities of this role. Training should be kept up to date with appropriate refresher courses…”

Expert Witness Training

Those currently working as expert witnesses or wanting to begin working in this area need to ensure they have received appropriate skills and knowledge-based training to equip them with the requisite competencies and confidence to carry out their work compliantly and to best practice standards.

Bond Solon is the UK’s leading and most established expert witness training provider. They offer training and covering all the core areas of expert witness work. Bond Solon also offers university certificated expert witness training programmes which are widely regarded as the gold standard by instructing parties and will therefore assist experts in promoting and growing their expert witness practices.

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