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  • Date:
    2nd November
  • Time:
    9am - 5pm
  • Location:
    Sir Robert Peel Hospital,
    Wiggins Training Centre
    Tamworth, West Midlands
    B78 3NG
  • Tutor:

  • Cost:
    £425 Member
    £475 Non-member

Point-of-Care Ultrasound for podiatry

HCPC registered clinicans only.

POCUS, Point-Of-Care Ultra Sound is becoming ever more popular in Healthcare. In Podiatry its usefulness can in many ways be compared to the Vascular Doppler Ultrasound which nowadays most podiatry clinics regard as an essential tool and which is almost universal. POCUS is a personal diagnostic tool to aid your treatment decisions in cases of suspected neuromas, fractures, tendon, ligament  and MSK pathologies, epidermoid cysts, arthropathies and so many other encountered scenarios in your clinics.

Cart-based high power machines are exceptionally useful in specialised clinics, but lack the ready usability of the increasing available number of portable (some pocket-sized) ultrasound probes that utilise either smart phones or tablets as the viewing screen.  The probes connect to phone, tablet or iPad by either USB / Lightening connector or Wi-Fi depending on the machines make.,

The virtue of POCUS machines is their relative simplicity of operation compared to that of cart-based wired machines. Many portable POCUS machines have a good selection of pre-configured settings for MSK, vascular, colour, power doppler, guided injections and numerous other day-to-day applications. User- operated settings on such machines, where needed, are virtually all onscreen and easily comprehensible and usable after a surprisingly modest amount of training. Increasingly, the prices of such POCUS  devices are now similar to the cost of a quality autoclave, making them a  truly viable purchase option in all levels of general practice.

The IoP, utilising the advice of leading POCUS advocates, authors and trainers in general and emergency medicine, has produced a course that combines initial theoretical online e-Learning, an intensive, invaluable ‘hands-on’ practical day under the guidance of expert POCUS tutors, and required completion of a five procedure short post-practical reflective analysis log to rapidly bring delegates to the required standard to commence immediate use of POCUS in their own practices.

The course is supported and resourced by leading manufacturers, advice on various machines will be willingly provided – without any ‘hard-selling’ of specific brands.

We are here to teach you clinical understanding and use, not to sell you a product!

Course Tutor

Martin is a Consultant Podiatrist, he has two clinics in Birmingham, one at hospital dealing with NHS secondary care referrals and a private consulting clinic . When extended medicines use became possible in podiatry, he qualified as one of the very early supplementary prescribers and subsequently worked on the Department of Health independent prescribing project a few years later which successfully developed independent prescribing for Podiatrists and Physiotherapists,  as well as the NICE single prescribing framework project. He is passionate about maximising medicines access and use in podiatry. A special interest for a number of years has been injection therapies which he firmly maintains are grossly underused in both NHS and independent general practice podiatry. As director of education for the Institute of Podiatrists he uses the opportunity of that platform to share his passions about  the foregoing.

Each course delegate will receive a copy of ‘Ultrasound for the generalist, a guide to point of care ultrasound’ Dr Sarb Clare, that will form part of the pre-practical reading.

CPD and accreditation will be awarded in 2 parts; theory and practical (part 1) log book entry and completion (part 2). Delegates can complete part 2 at their pace within an 18 month period.

Lunch is provided on the practical training day.