The Society of Shoe Fitters charity – 2019 STUDENT SHOE FITTER OF THE YEAR – GEORGE PAISH M.S.S.F


The Society of Shoe Fitters charity is just completing its 60th year.  They were delighted to present George Paish of Bill Bird Shoes (bespoke shoemakers in Moreton-in-the-Marsh) with their Student of the Year 2019 – Fisher-George Memorial Trophy.  The presentation took place at the Footwear Awards Dinner organised by Datateam Publishing during the MODA weekend.

This prestigious industry award is given to the most outstanding student on the long-running Footwear & Fitting Course – a 5 module course which includes the industry, anatomy/physiology of the foot, problem feet, construction methods, materials and their bearing on fit, gauges, sizing and customer care etc.  It is primarily distance learning with two practical modules – one at the College of Podiatry and the other at a Northamptonshire shoe factory (DB/Loake Shoes).

George tells us:

‘As someone who only entered the industry two years ago completing The Society of Shoefitters footwear and fitting course has been an invaluable part of my journey so far. Learning it whilst I’m still relatively new to footwear has set me off on the correct path armed with what I read in the folder provided and at the practical workshops.  It also adds a recognised industry qualification to my CV.  I work day-to-day as a bespoke orthopaedic shoemaker and the information in the coursework has given me insight into other areas of the industry, things I may not have learnt without completing the course. I’d recommend it to anyone who works with shoes, feet and the lower limbs of the body.  However knowledgeable you think you are, there’s something in there for everyone to learn.  It’s separated into manageable sections which are easy to cross refer to, and you can go at your own pace. Winning the Fisher George Student of the year was a real honour and it was great to be rewarded for the time and effort I put into the answers I submitted.’ 

President and Fellow of the Society Rosemary Gray said ‘Working with George was a pleasure and we are delighted George has chosen to become a Lifetime Member.  There is no doubt he is already an asset to Bill Bird Shoes and to the footwear trade.  George has a great future ahead in one of the most rewarding and much needed parts of our industry’.