PPE Links for members

In the current climate we have attempted to ascertain the validity of numerous offers of PPE made to us as an organisation asking for them to be promoted to our members. Some are from usually reliable sources whilst others, that we have screened out as far as possible, do not have the ring of authenticity and may be either fraudulent or  at least less than reputable.

We are passing on the following as apparently genuine offers, but please do note, that you are strongly advised to scrutinise the offers with usual commercial and professional caution and ensure that the items offered to you are suitable for the purpose you intend at a price you are willing to pay. As we have not inspected the items ourselves, with the exception of the face shields we have sourced for members, we can make no stated or implied warranty of the goods ourselves.

Product list

Virowall 200ml Hand Sanitizer Gel = £2

Virowall 500ml Hand Sanitizer Gel = £4.20

Virowall 1ltr Hand Sanitizer Gel = £6.80

Virowall 5ltr Hand Sanitizer Gel = £30

Virowall Anti-bacterial wet wipes (72pp) = £2

Free-Standing Sanitising Unit with Hand Sanitizer Gel Bottle = £90
No VAT still applies


Members receive 10% discount, please quote your membership number followed by ‘SOMUZ’ to receive discount

Equipment Bazaar
235-238 Great Lister Street (1.59 km)
B7 4BS Birmingham, United Kingdom
0121 359 6124



Bailey Instruments
At Bailey’s we have a new product called the Podscreen. It is a moveable, washable screen on a castor base. It provides a barrier between the chiropodist and the patient. See a photo here.  The screen will add an extra layer of protection (and confidence) for both practitioner and patient.
Each UK manufactures podscreen is £199.00 plus VAT.

Order here Bailey website or contact  sales@baileyinstruments.co.uk

Primary Care PPE
3 ply masks £29 for box of 50
TYPE IIR £45 for box 50
N95 Masks £4.60 Each
We are offering 10% off for IOCP members this week for orders over £100. Monday 11th – 17th May 2020. Reference Code: IOCP10
You can order here or by emailing primarycareppe@gmail.com