Our Membership – Q & A

Whether you are a Podiatry member or are looking to join us, we want to ensure you’re aware of what The Institute of Chiropodists and Podiatrists (IOCP) has to offer by answering some of your frequently asked questions and reminding you of the key benefits of our membership and insurance.

Q: Are members of the IOCP HCPC registered?

A: Yes. Membership of the Institute of Chiropodists and Podiatrists is only open to practitioners registered with the Health and care Professions Council (HCPC) who meet the HCPC conditions for registration. Members may use the protected titles of Chiropodist and/or Podiatrist.  As a condition of membership it is mandatory to undertake to adhere to the Institutes strict code of ethics and professional conduct which is supplementary to the requirements of the HCPC.

Q: What makes you different to other organisations?

A: The Institute is a democratic organisation with the election of officers both local and national being decided bi-annually by members. All members therefore play an active role in their own affairs. For more than 80 years the Institute, and its precursor the Joint Council of Chiropodists, has followed an independent line at the forefront of the profession it serves, for the progress and well-being of both the profession and the public.

Q: As an individual member do my opinions count? Do I really have a voice?

A: We are a truly  democratic organisation managed for members by a democratically elected executive board of members, who are themselves active clinicians , we listen and act upon your feedback.  Each member has a voice, as a member with us you are able to raise concerns and or queries at Regional levels or at our National AGM where there is a designated question time for members to raise questions. In addition, you can always contact the full-time staff at Head Office who operate under the direction of the elected board.

Q: Can I be a member of the IOCP and have membership elsewhere?

A: Yes. The Institute of Chiropodists and Podiatrists is open to ALL HCPC registered professionals.

Q: What designatory letters can I use after my name?

A: If you are a full member of the IOCP and HCPC registered you can use MInstChP. Fellows can use FInstChP and consultant fellows of the Institute Faculty of Podiatric Medicine FPodM.

Q: How much of my membership fee does the institute spend on paying staff and directors instead of using it for the direct benefit of members?

A: We naturally have to have full – time administration staff who are paid the average wage for such jobs. Staff numbers are kept to the bare minimum necessary to look after member’s needs. All directors and other officers are voted in biannually from the membership, by the membership. They volunteer their services freely and receive no payment for such services nor payment for loss of earnings when on IOCP business, they may claim actual ‘out of pocket’ expenses for items such as travel to meetings and basic overnight accommodation in a Travelodge or similar, but that is all.

Q: Does the IOCP support Foot Health Practitioners (FHP)?

A: The IOCP acknowledges the valuable support FHP’s provide to our profession and although we do not allow FHP’s membership of the IOCP we do support their work through The College of Foot Health provided each individual can demonstrate a level of recognised training, practice and ethics that meet high standards.

Q: What do you insure?

A: Our insurance is bespoke to your needs. We currently offer 4 levels of cover which ranges from basic Podiatry skills to diagnostic ultrasound and Cryoanalgesia Treatment. Please see our Insurance page

Q: I want to use leading-edge therapies that seem to fall outside the usual podiatry indemnity insurance products, can the IOCP help me?

A: With a background stretching back some eighty years from our founding in 1938 as The Joint Council of Chiropodists of Great Britain and Ireland, we have vast experience of the changes in the level of practice in Chiropody / Podiatry and Insurers value the excellent claims record of our responsible membership. We have what many regards as the widest range of ‘standard’ indemnity insurance cover in UK podiatry and our specialist brokers can usually offer individually tailored quotations for the ‘different’ therapies via specialist underwriters.

Q: I qualified as a Chiropodist but also have qualifications in Reflexology and applying Paraffin Wax to the Hands and Feet.  Is there an insurance policy to cover all 3 or do I have to keep them separate?

A: We have a comprehensive range of professional indemnity insurances that are appropriate to individual levels of practice, there are 4 standard levels of cover, all you need to do is choose which one covers your needs and pay the appropriate premium. In addition we may be able to facilitate bespoke underwriting for therapies and procedures that may lie outside the mainstream.

Q: Do I have to attend all of the education/courses at our National Training Centre, as I live over 7 hours away?

A: Not at all, although we run many specialist courses at the Nation Training Centre many are also run regionally.  You can access these via our website, contacting Head Office or there will be details in your Podiatry Review.

Q: Are there any opportunities to meet up with like-minded individuals for educational, trade and social events?

A: Regional seminars or great for this purpose or you may like to attend our National AGM at the NEC in Birmingham this year.

Q: Can I get questions answered out of office hours?

A: We have an excellent support network through either regional support links or try our members only forum.

Q: Are there any opportunities as a member to expand my knowledge and broaden my horizons?  As an experienced practitioner of 30+ years I would like to give something back.

A: The IOCP have a team of hard-working National Officers, who stand for a period of 2 years.  We are always looking for new, energetic and hardworking members to continue to ensure the smooth running and longevity of the organisation.   The criteria is a minimum of 5 years as an IOCP member and they must be H.C.P.C. Registered.


  • MaPP . The Medicines and Procedures Panel is led by an experienced chair and includes senior academics, consultant Podiatrists, Podiatrist Independent Prescribers and Podiatric Surgeons. It can provide measured and considered advice to members who may wish to have guidance on new or novel therapies, therapeutic agents or other treatments.
  • We work hard to bring you all the latest industry news and work with various trade partners to offer special rates and benefits for members, as well as with key organisations to inform you of the latest MUST attend events!
  • Free “find a practitioner” listing on our website
  • Quarterly issues of our Podiatry Review, which can contribute towards your CPD.
  • Business Support from our advice partners.
  • CPD courses requested by you!