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    Hello all,

    I am interested in how people are preparing for re-opening, and if you have set a timetable for even a partial return, sort of in between emergencies and routine. Routine patients who, if not seen, will become emergencies, say? I am enjoying my government funded holiday, but I am very aware of my patients, many of whom are going to be getting to the stage where not having a routine treatment is going to cause problems in the future!

    Rita-Hallam CH19497

    Hi Suzanne,
    Like you I am enjoying my funded holiday. At the moment I have just made a list of all my cancelled appointments and inform them that I will be in touch as soon as restrictions are lifted. Many are just routine of course, and others require more care. Any emergencies that arise I see ASAP.
    I think what I will do when we are able is to prioritise patients to be seen in order of need.
    I don’t really think there is anything else we can do.
    What I do know is I’m not really looking forward to it.
    All the hard work put in getting patients patients to a manageable stage will be in done and will have to start from square one again.


    I am hoping for Monday 11th May as I am operating as a Ltd Company so not eligible for much (works out 14% of profit, not the advertised 80%). So living off savings at the moment.
    In effect the government has closed my clinics with no compensation and zero response from my MP.


    It will be a challenge to get people’s feet back into good condition. That’s why I was wondering if we could semi open for business. I am lucky that I am eligible for all of the help out there, and have already had the grant, so I could sit back and enjoy the very long holiday, but I do feel for my patients who are going to be suffering soon if we don’t get back to work.
    Graham, do you not qualify for the grant? It does seem very unfair that some people get help and others not.



    What grant is it that you have received? I understood that self employed people will be contacted, but that hasn’t started yet? I’m not hopeful that I will receive much as I had to take a year off due to I’ll health so my aveaverage earnings over the last 3 years will look low 🙁

    In terms of preparation, I am considering how best to practice to reduce chance of infection, including buying more uniform or scrubs so I can change more frequently, and looking at card payments which I haven’t done up to now.


    I am hoping that we will be given some clear guidelines when we are ready to start working again.
    I know my Footcare supplies are selling face shields- does anyone think we may have to use these in the future?


    Hi Fiona,

    I got the £10,000 grant which was linked to having small business rate relief on my premises. It doesn’t look too good for you does it? Did you put in any accounts last year? If not, I don’t believe you will be eligible for the 80% of earnings. It does seem very unfair that the help people are getting is so hit and miss. Taking card payments is great, I went overdrawn several times because I couldn’t get to the bank in time to pay money in, but a portable card machine is great, and of course more hygienic. I have tried to buy scrubs, which I don’t normally wear, but they are having problems getting them at the suppliers, so I will have to wait. I’m ok for all the other PPE though.


    Hi Seemag,

    I wish they would be a little clearer, we are classed as key workers, but we are advised only to see emergencies. Very confusing. I have managed to buy face shields, and had plenty of the rest, so I’m fine at the moment. I will probably continue to wear the shields, as they are better than ordinary eye protection against flying nails, and dust.



    There are scrubs on ebay 🙂

    I did submit a tax return last year but it was a very small profit as it was my first year back working and I lost a lot of clients as I moved from dom to home clinic.

    Which card machine do you have? Is it one from your bank? I was looking at Izettle or square.



    Fiona, I use iZettle, love it. Simple to set up and use. No monthly fees just 1.75% of sales plus buying the card reader (£30) and an app on your smartphone. They will pass on payments promptly daily, weekly or monthly. You can set up a menu of products and services on the app.


    Thanks Brenda

    Can you print receipts for the transaction? I can’t work it out from the website.


    Hi Fiona,

    Thanks, I’ll take a look. I can’t remember the brand I have, but I think they are all pretty much the same. You can text or email the patient a receipt, and a couple of days after, you receive a summery of what you have taken that day, with fees deducted, via email.


    Hello All,
    How and when are those members who work solely in the domiciliary setting planning for a return to work?
    As I understand it from the NHS recommendations for care in individuals own homes we require single use disposable gloves, disposable plastic aprons and single use surgical masks Type ll.
    Obviously visits will be dependent upon a patients personal situation and preference and, in multi-occupation settings, the management policy regarding COVID 19.


    Hk Carolyn,

    I do some home visits, and have been rescheduling for June. I already have the appropriate PPE,although not enough masks to use for every patient.
    Many of my home visit patients fall under the 12 week isolation, so I won’t be seeing them for a while yet.


    Hi Suzanne
    Thanks for the reply.

    Most of my clients fall under the 12 weeks isolation also, but there are a handful who may require some treatment beforehand. Masks are a problem, like you I have some, but not enough. I have ordered two re-usable full face shields.

    Like everyone else I have no income at all at the moment. I’m hoping to hear about the self-employed payment soon.

    Good luck when you get started up again

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