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Hi Christine
the anti sneeze screen can be found at
Ive checked the link and it works.

Did anyone see the FB webinar by Damian Murray We Treat Feet group last night? Makes for some serious thinking re PPE. Use of drills both water and dust extraction could indicate the need to wear eye protection/face shield, the more advanced filtering face piece respirator and single use fluid resistant gowns. Pricing this up we could add £15+ to each treatment or be seriously out of pocket. It was interesting that he quoted that if we regularly treated 16 patients a day this would easily be reduced to 10 with gapping to allow for sanitizing etc, also making consideration for all patients/reception and other staff to be 2 metres apart could also cause issue as some practices may not have the space. Add to this that we start asking patients to pay via contactless then we see an increase in fees here on average 1.75%. Get prices, do your sums, think about the loss of time. Then consider fees. Its scary!
I have already had patients ask about increased fees. I expect every patient to wear a mask through treatment. My rationale for this is the risk of build up of micro droplets if anyone coughs or sneezes. The smaller the droplet the longer it remains airborne. I believe there is evidence that those people exposed to more of the virus on a regular basis are more likely to develop a more serious case of it. If the patient coughs and walks out the door the droplets are in the air and we are sitting in that environment far longer than the patient. If several of our daily patients cough or sneeze then this potentially increases the risk to us.

Relating back to the costs of masks. Trade houses are quoting from £45-£65 for 50 masks that I could purchase from one supplier for just over £2.00/50 2 years ago. Even that supplier is selling at £35 and not allowing anyone other than front line and NHS to order anything. Frankly some places are in my own opinion over priced. £7 for a gown £6 for face shield.

Until I have assessed all the risks, costs and have enough affordable PPE to start back to work im afraid I wont be reopening.