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Regarding return to work.
I have had to implement tough measures to return to work. I’m at higher risk due to asthma and auto immune issues.
I have ordered an anti sneeze screen that fits across the couch between myself and the patient. A 15 minute gap will be booked between clients to allow time for me to sanitize any areas likely to be touched such as hand rails door handles etc. Reception area will be closed and patients to arrive on time and straight into treatment room. Both myself and all patients will wear masks. Contactless card payments if possible. My biggest issue is it impossible to obtain masks,aprons and hard surface wipes. The masks have escalated in cost from £2.50 box of 50 to between £35and £65 a box of 50.This means a huge increase in weekly costs.With the gaping between patients, the increased coats of PPE and increase in card fees this will mean an increase in patient fees.