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Become a member of the Institute

We focus on delivering support to the practitioner.

Membership and insurance are 2 separate applications/sold separately. You can have all the benefits of our membership with your own sourced insurance or, as a member you can tailor your insurance around your needs with our unrivalled insurance packages.

Our top benefits of being an IoP member:

  1. All HCPC registered Podiatrists and Podiatric Surgeons can apply to join The Institute of Podiatrists industry leading malpractice Insurance Cover Scheme.
  2. Members receive quarterly issues of Podiatry Review, which can contribute to your Continued Professional Development.
  3. Our Annual General Meeting is the ideal opportunity to feedback to the EC on any areas of concern, opportunity and development.
  4. Members receive Continuing Professional Development Support– Guidance and assistance with the members continuing professional development portfolio for HCPC audits and a 20% discount on Elsevier academic books
  5. Members can enjoy Business Support from our advice partners
  6. Access to the members area of the Institute website, which contains the latest news, information, online Continuing Professional Development and discussion forum
  7. Members can join the IoP ‘Find a practitioner’ service to promote your business to members of the public finding the IoP website through search engines.
  8. Members can Network through local member branches, situated throughout Britain, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland for peer support and CPD events
  9. Members have access to a confidential advice service, including advice from the IoP medicines and procedures panel on the use of drugs and therapeutics as well as appropriate podiatric procedures.
  10. Members are eligible for The Institute’s awards scheme
  11. Members can join and be part of Community trade union
  12. Members receive discounted rates on health plans from the Hospital and Medical Care Association (HMCA)

IoP Mission Statement

The Institute serves members throughout the whole of the profession of podiatry and podiatric medicine. Its members include chiropodists, podiatrists and podiatric surgeons, employed and self-employed at all levels of practice. The Institute certificate of membership is proof that members undertake to adhere to a strict code of ethics and professional conduct and that they have access to some of the UK’s most innovative continuing professional development training.

The Institute is a democratic organization with the election of officers both local and national being decided bi-annually by members. All members therefore play an active role in their own affairs. For more than 80 years the Institute has followed an independent line at the forefront of the profession it serves, for the progress and well-being of both the profession and the public.


Payment can be made in full or via Direct Debit in instalments (UK ONLY). For all queries, please contact our highly experienced team who will be able to assist with any membership questions. Alternatively visit leave your details and our team will do the rest!

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Terms and Conditions of membership

Membership of the Institute of Podiatrists is granted at the absolute discretion of the Membership Committee.

Membership is not an automatic right, it is a benefit for members who adhere to our reasonable rules and treat other members, staff and partners with respect.  We may, in the event of misuse of membership, using reasonable discretion, decide to suspend or terminate your membership at any time.  Failure to pay membership fees is not the only reason to terminate membership, conduct and misuse of membership can also lead to that result, such as, but is not limited to, behaviour which is troublesome or shows lack of respect towards fellow members, staff, or partners; criminal actions; or actions which are generally perceived to be immoral, unethical or contrary to the IOP’s membership rules.  In the event of an application being declined or membership being terminated no correspondence will be entered into.