Award of Consultant Fellowship of the IoP

Submissions are invited from Members or Academic Fellows of the Institute of Podiatrists (IoP) pursuant to granting them additional recognition as a Consultant Fellow of the Faculty of Podiatric Medicine of the Institute of Podiatrists (CFPodM). This allows Fellows to progress to further advanced training and practice indemnified by the IoP.

Consultant Fellowship is a clinical award for senior members of the profession, recognising and demonstrating their seniority and an advanced scope of clinical practice. The minimum attainments of individuals seeking the Award must be as follows:

  • They must be current registrants of the Health and Care Professions Council, in good standing, at the time of application without pending disciplinary action.
  • They must be current full members or academic fellows of the Institute of Podiatrists with current IoP option 4 professional indemnity insurance.
  • They must have a degree in Podiatry or Podiatric Medicine awarded by a UK university.
  • They must have Local Anaesthesia (POM-A) and Prescription Medicine (POM – S) annotations recorded on their HCPC registration entry. OR have POM-A and Supplementary Prescribing/ Independent Prescribing recorded on their HCPC annotations.
  • They must have a minimum of 12 years of clinical practice as a podiatrist.
  • They must submit evidence of a pattern of continuing professional development throughout their career to date in subjects appropriate to podiatry.
  • They must submit a curriculum vitae showing their journey through the profession to the date of application and this must demonstrate how they believe themselves to have a scope of practice that merits the title ‘advanced/Consultant’.

The Award is via the agreement of the panel of the Consultant Fellowship Board of the IoP who will ensure that all of the minimum standards have been met. Applicants will also be required to successfully undertake an interview and provide two professional references including a statement/sponsor of support. Once the criteria has been met and the appropriate application paperwork submitted to the registered offices of the IoP, the Award will then be formally issued upon payment of the nominal administration fee of £150.

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Consultant Fellowship Application Form