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Hello Everyone,

Im Belinda Longhurst (but please call me Bel) and its been 72 hours since my last drink. I was born the year David qualified and if this forum is going to be anything like the one David used to moderate (where we first met) it will be fun!

My original training was as a chiropodist with the IOCP in 2002, before I went on to study Podiatry at Southampton university. I was lucky to have Dr Ivan Bristow as a tutor there and even luckier to have him as a friend and mentor ever since in my area of special interest: Podiatric Dermatology.

I`ve recently sold my private practice to indulge my two passions:

1) Post graduate research in the foot-health world,
2) Further the work of our charity Forgotten Feet by assisting with setting up new clinics and fund-raising events so we can continue to offer free foot-care to those who are socially isolated/homeless.

I love to share dermatological clinical gems (that I pick up whilst reading) with colleagues both on forums like this and during lectures/workshops that I run across the UK. So, if anyone has any interesting case studies or burning derm questions, please do share!