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Hi all,
We are sorry to hear that you feel that the Institute are not helping members with GDPR. We have included a link and information in both the Podiatry Review journal, the monthly email newsletter and on our website and have been answering lots of questions from members who have phoned the office.

Our Privacy Policy is here on the website and you are welcome to use wording from this if it is of help for your practice. As each practice is different for our members there is not a generic privacy policy to use at the moment.

We are hoping to have an article in the next issue of the journal from a member already going through GDPR and their thoughts.

The website we have been suggesting for further reading and information is here

If you have any questions about GDPR after reading the link please email who is our GDPR Officer or telephone our office on 01704 546141.

It is recommended that you register with the ICO if you keep paper records as you do with digital records, it is a good idea to get the consent from a patient as to what format that you communicate with them, for example email, text etc. Although you have an ongoing relationship already with patients that you regularly see. All records must be kept in a locked cabinet which only you have access to.

Please get in touch if you have any further questions.