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Dermal Filler of the Feet

  • Date:
    29th June
  • Time:
    9am - 5pm
  • Location:
    Sir Robert Peel Hospital
    Wiggins Centre
    B78 3NG
  • Tutor:
    Martin Harvey

  • Cost:
    Members £328
    Non-members £378

About the Course

Maximum 8 delegates.

Ideal for curing corns and other pressure lesions on the foot!

An injection of hyaluronan usually in conjunction with a local anaesthetic.

This substance is naturally present in human tissues and performs a number of essential functions. When it is injected into local areas it can improve the volume of tissue that may have lost its elasticity and become thin. For example, the soft tissue under the bottom of the forefoot or heel may have become less cushioned causing pain in the joints of the foot (Metatarsalgia), also the toe joints can develop bony prominences on which corns and ulcers can form as toes rub together etc. and in this and similar cases tissue fillers can inject a natural internal cushion to reduce pain and damage that may last for several months.

This course, led by Podiatrist Independent Prescriber Martin Harvey, will show the mechanism of these substances and their clinical applications in Podiatry. The substances used are medical devices so can be accessed and utilised by Podiatrists with an LA certificate. Dermal fillers, although designed for injection are classified as medical devices and as such do not require a prescription and can be purchased by any individual.


Martin Harvey, has been at the forefront of developing soft tissue injection therapy in Podiatry for over a decade. He regularly uses and teaches the use of not only Dermal fillers but also injectable innovations such as PRP, steroid injection therapy, prolotherapy, hyaluronic acid agents and botulinum toxins. As one of the early supplementary prescribers in UK podiatry, he was closely involved in developing independent prescribing, working with the Department of Health and the National Prescribing Centre plus UK Universities. As a registered now fully independent prescriber, he can share his detailed pharmacological understanding in a readily comprehensible fashion that helps delegates to gain the effective knowledge they require to be safe and effective users of these potent agents.

Martin introduced the first such courses for podiatrists over ten years ago.

This course is approved and certified by The Institute of Chiropodists and Podiatrists. The procedure is covered by the Institutes band 4 insurance for appropriately trained members and fellows with LA certification.


This course will be held at Sir Robert Peel Hospital, Wiggins Centre, Tamworth

There is on-site chargeable parking available and limited free parking along the road leading to the hospital.

Refreshments are provided. Lunch not included.