Courses & Events

Cosmetic Nail Reconstruction

  • Date:
    6th July
  • Time:
    10am - 4.30pm
  • Location:
    Sir Robert Peel Hospital
    B78 3NG
  • Tutor:
    Gaynor Wooldridge

  • Cost:
    Members £199
    Non-members £249

In foot health practices today we see many patients with damaged nails; this can be a result of trauma, fungal infection, nail surgery or other medical problems. Sometimes, as part of our treatment plan, nail reconstruction can be a fantastic, cosmetic, temporary option;  in fact, often the only option.

There are many types of toenail reconstruction, and it is considered to be a cosmetic procedure. It can, however, have an extremely beneficial psychological effect on the patient when there have been no other options.

This course will investigate nail deformities and pathologies that can cause unsightly toenails, and teach clinicians how to confidently prepare the nail plate (and nail bed if necessary) to create a cosmetically pleasing, temporary prosthetic nail using specialist gels. The reconstructed toenail can be treated as a ‘normal’ nail, and usually lasts between 6-8 weeks.

The strong elastic gel used for toe nail reconstruction has been developed specifically for correcting damaged nails. A Wilde Pedique LCN kit can be purchased alongside the training if the student would like to do this,  allowing for immediate, next day treatment for your patients.

The curing lights used during training, and also in the kit if purchased, are LED; these produce a narrower, safer, more targeted number of wave lengths than UV lights.


Gaynor Wooldridge, is a consultant podiatrist working within a multidisciplinary clinic in Kent. She has a passion and commitment to the field of foot health, with special interests in research, injection therapies, wound care and diabetes. She is a great believer that continuing professional development is central to the ‘lifelong learning’ approach so vital within healthcare.

This course is open to podiatrists and foot health practitioners