Could you win the £1000 Cosyfeet Podiatry Award?

The Cosyfeet Podiatry Award 2020 is now open for entries. This £1000 award will be presented to a podiatry student or qualified podiatrist planning a special project that will develop their professional knowledge and skills while benefitting others.


Applications are invited for projects including voluntary work, placements, research or other initiatives. The winning entry will demonstrate how the entrant’s chosen project is of value to clients whilst advancing their own professional development. This award is designed to assist with costs associated with the applicant’s selected project, which could include expenses for equipment, travel or living. Projects may take place in the UK or abroad.


Former winners have undertaken a wide range of initiatives including those relating to the podiatric needs of dementia sufferers, the diabetic foot and the treatment of talipes equinovarus in children. Others have travelled to Eastern Europe, Africa, Asia or South America to assist with conditions resulting from diseases such as leprosy and filariasis.


Michael Hutchby, a podiatric surgeon and doctoral student at the University of Derby, was the proud winner of the Cosyfeet Podiatry Award 2019.

His award will fund IT support for his research. This will investigate whether an increased period of post-operative analgesia can be obtained by applying a saphenous nerve block just above the knee rather than at the ankle, and whether such an increase reduces the need for post-operative opioids.


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If you would like to apply for the Cosyfeet Podiatry Award, visit for further information and to enter online before the closing date of April 24th, 2020. The winner will be requested to submit a report and photographs about their project, and to feature in Cosyfeet publicity relating to the award.


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