College of Forensic and Medico Legal Podiatry

Are you, or would you like to know more on being an expert witness?

Are you aware that expertise in this area is sought after by the providers of the UK’s legal services, law enforcement regulators, and others to act as an expert witness?

Are you also aware of the type of fees available to you, in return for your qualified professional reporting services?

Then becoming a member of the College of Forensic and Medico-Legal Podiatry will help you!


Female doctor filling out a questionnaire to a senior patient The College of Forensic and Medico-Legal Podiatry is a professional network of Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) Registered Podiatrists and others with a special interest in forensic / medico-legal work.

An understanding of medico-legal matters is required in all career areas of podiatry. For example, all podiatrists and foot health practitioners (FHP’s) must understand how key legal concepts such as consent to treatment, confidentiality, duty of care and the like, affect the way in which they work with patients.

Some podiatrists choose to develop particular expertise in forensic and/or medico-legal work and may undertake to write medico-legal reports which can be used for a range of purposes.

The College of Forensic and Medico-Legal Podiatry provides assistance with training and support for members starting out on their forensic and/or medico-legal work, and those who have already established their practice.


doctor-with-gavelThe College of Forensic and Medico-Legal Practice in Podiatry provides education and information on medico-legal and forensic matters for those who wish to join. Speakers at our meetings are of a consistently high standard and are invited with the aim of providing a range of topics covering civil and criminal law and all related aspects of forensic and civil podiatry issues. A convivial and mature atmosphere at meetings provides an excellent forum for discussion between the professions. We also pride ourselves on being non-political! We also expect members to communicate in a cordial and respectful manner.

Members can attend all meetings which also qualify for continuing education credits under key professional bodies’ schemes such as IOCP, HCPC and others.


Members have access to practical knowledge and insights from experienced leaders in the field, best practices, research, and everyday tools in this constantly evolving industry.

We provide information, resources, and education to help link you being current on the latest news, laws, and issues affecting podiatry and medico-legal and forensic practice.

Not a member? It’s easy and affordable to join the College of Forensic and Medico-legal Practice in Podiatry, members get access to super benefits:

You’re busy. We help make it easy to stay on top of the headlines.

Targeted online and in-person channels give you access to the people you might want to meet.

Our News and Articles section is a one-stop-shop for practical tools and information to help you tackle your biggest challenges.

Get member-only rates on education products and programs, including study materials for our recognised certification programs and annual events. You can also get access to free webinars.

As a member with appropriate experience and training you can gain access to our Expert Witness Directory which is accessible by Lawyers and others seeking to instruct Expert Witnesses.


  • HCPC registered podiatrists are eligible to join as Full Members.
  • Podiatry students undertaking a recognised degree are eligible to join as student podiatry members.
  • Other individuals may be eligible to join as Associate members


  • Those with an interest in medico-legal/forensic issues are able to apply for membership to the College of Forensics and Medico-Legal Podiatry for an annual fee of £45
  • Students at recognised training establishments can also join for a fee of £25. Students receive as a free benefit a quarterly copy of Podiatry Review, the peer-reviewed journal of the IOCP which also contains industry news, CPD articles and other information relevant to podiatry and foot health.

Membership is billed annually from the date you join.


In the first instance please email the IOCP office for and application form quoting ‘CFMLP’

Expectations of membership

We are a professional network of podiatrists / healthcare professionals who undertake a range of medico-legal work. Our main aim is to support our members in being able to deliver quality work in a range of medico-legal contexts.

You will be:

  • A HCPC registered member of a professional podiatry body (podiatrists only), OR a student attending an HCPC recognised podiatry degree course.
  • An individual or associated practitioner with an interest in the subject of forensic / medico-legal podiatry.
  • Able to define both your clinical and your medico-legal / forensic expertise (for directory eligible members only).
  • Expert witness directory members – details of education, training and competent in the relevant justice standards.
  • Expert witness directory members – evidence of training in expert witness report writing.
  • Expert witness directory members – provide evidence of training and CPD relevant to their practise in medico-legal / forensic work.
  • Should you wish to be included in the Directory of Members evidence of current professional indemnity cover for expert witness work must be provided.
  • Able to communicate in the English language to the prevailing HCPC standards.


Our HCPC Registered members who can demonstrate they are currently educated, trained and competent in medico-legal report writing are eligible to be included in our Directory of Members. Although we do not endorse any member listed in our Directory, those listed are willing that you may contact them directly in order to discuss your expert witness needs.

View our members directory where you can search by Area of expertise and Region.

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scales with book justiceWhat type of expert are you looking for?

Lawyers and Counsel with full schedules may not always have the time or in some cases the resources to conduct a thorough expert witness search for the various cases they are working on. And yet, having an experienced and qualified expert witness on your side can have a significant effect on the outcome.

We appreciate that prior to formally engaging an expert, the instructing parties will need to know an expert’s area of expertise and credentials. We can help in trying to steer you to suitable experts in Podiatry who can assist with your requirements in the UK, whether for a civil case of litigation, negligence, personal injury, or the criminal case where you need an expert in gait analysis, footprint examination or footwear issues. Our experts range from generalists covering most areas of podiatry involving the foot or associated structures, to more specialised areas, and the array of conditions and treatments requiring the services of a podiatrist.

We aim to promote all our members and to assist them with obtaining instructions. So if you are looking for an expert witness who may be able to assist you, please feel free to search our online database located on our homepage.

Please remember do not send us any client identifiable information

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