• Easy to apply
  • Safe
  • Successful

3TO bracing systems are a registered Class 1 medical device

3TO bracing systems are a superior nail correction system offering pain-free, simple, effective treatments for a variety of nail conditions including severe IGTNs with infection, for all your patients, even children, small nails, patients with diabetes and/or poor wound healing, PVD, anxious patients, and needle phobic patients.

3TO offer a variety of braces, ensuring a perfect fit every time, without any need for fiddly moulding. Clinicians can choose from Po-dostripe, Podofix and CombiPed systems. Each system offers a unique application and treatment, which can often be used in conjunction with one another, for highly successful results.

  • Adhesive braces for light cases, high-risk patients and as supplementary therapy
  • Wire braces for the professional treatment of e.g. rolled nails or ingrown nails
  • A combination of wire and glue-on brace for one-sided or double-sided treatment


In order to purchase you will need to have completed the relevant training.