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    Just had a call below, if you get call from them put the phone down….

    He said he was called Jack, said he was from the telephone preference service and was I getting spam calls, I said I was, he said from tomorrow it would stop and gave me a helpline number of 02036311316 (which I didn’t call but if you google it you will see it is a spam call).

    He quoted a name and local address to me which wasn’t mine but I said it was to see where this was leading.

    He said my payment was by debit card and this had expired in 2018 and I needed to check my card, I said I didn’t have it with me and he got aggressive to which I put the phone down…

    This looks like a new type of spam, please be aware and put the phone down, do not give out any details of your card…

    Rita-Hallam CH19497

    Thanks for the warning Julie.
    I guess some people would be fooled by the call. Does the telephone preference service charge to be on their register?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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