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Hi Rita and Phil,

Rita, thanks for those kind words.
Phil, the reality is that in the uk we have four tiers of foot-carers: FHPs, Chiropodists/Podiatrists, Specialist Podiatrists/Consultants, and Podiatric Surgeons. I bet not too many of our members look down their noses at you btw.

I see nothing wrong with having a tier system. For me it’s a nice ladder which anyone can progress forward on, as far as they like. Our own professional body offers training which will allow you to move into the Specialist Podiatrist band, if you choose to do so. If you want to remain as you are, they will support that too. Really, the strike-out of “chiropody” by the Society is meaningless, unless the HCPC decide to do the same. The “State Registered” title is a defunct title, but yes, some people cling onto it!

Forget the professional bodies for a minute – our real professional stability comes from being registered with the HCPC. Chiropody and Podiatry – that’s what we are all registered under – even the Pod Surgeons!